Phil Timpany

Phil Timpany, a world-renowned bear specialist, has been coming to Bear Cave Mountain since 1991.  As a passionate defender of bears, he feels that, “These viewing opportunities are an effective way to show the value of protecting both the bears and their habitat.” and,  “The success of any bear viewing program hinges on getting to know the individual bears. This is why most of our bears have names.”  Even after working with grizzlies for several decades, Phil is still humbled and awed by their presence.  He looks forward to showing visitors that humans and grizzlies can co-exist within the boundaries of our wisdom and their territory.  As a professional photographer and film maker/ cinematographer, Phil has produced several instructional videos on bear safety and presented seminars on bear behaviour.  He is also a skilled woodsman.  You will appreciate his knowledge of ecology as well as his backwoods cuisine!

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