When to Go

Bear Cave Mountain operates from mid-September through the first week of November. The time you come is based on what it is you wish to observe:


Since we are only “a snow ball’s throw” from the Arctic Circle, our fall season is brief and runs from our starting date of mid-September through to the first week of October.  If you’re not a lover of frigid temperatures, this is the perfect time to come. It is also the time of our special “Bear and Moose” trips.  And what a busy time it is! The grizzlies, having fattened up on berries throughout the summer, showcase their immaculate fall coats while chasing and catching the newly arrived chum salmon, of which there are thousands.  This bodes well for some amazing observations and action photography of bears catching and eating chum salmon right in front of you.

The grizzly may hold sway here at Bear Cave Mountain, but Bullwinkle is equally as captivating a sight to behold. Mid-September through early October is the mating season or “Rut” for moose. Catch a glimpse of these giants patrolling the river in search of a mate.  These huge mammals can weigh up to 1400 pounds and reach a staggering height of 6.5 feet. Their incredible antlers or “rack”, alone, can weigh up to 40 pounds and span 6 feet or more.


By the second week of October, the transformation to a winter wonderland is underway. High-pressure weather systems carrying cold arctic air begin to drift in from the far north.  This is the time of the “Ice Bear”. This unique phenomenon is a result of the bears walking in and out of the water during freezing temperatures. As the temperature plummets, more ice accumulates on the bears’ coats creating a photo opportunity exclusive to Bear Cave Mountain.