Wildlife Viewing

Four designated viewing sites offer opportunities for visitors to watch the grizzlies go about their business catching and eating chum salmon.  This experience affords photographers, and naturalists a rare opportunity to witness the behaviour of this amazing animal in its natural habitat.

The four viewing sites are within easy walking distance of camp and provide optimum light and weather conditions for observation and photography.

Other than grizzly bears, you will have ample opportunity to see moose, caribou, wolf, wolverine, pine marten, river otter and mink.  Avian species common to the area are ravens bald and occasionally golden eagles, peregrine falcons, mallard and merganser ducks, American dipper, spruce grouse, several species of owls and a number of migrating birds including pine grosbeaks and redpolls.

Groups often spend two to four hours at a site depending on bear activity.  One of the viewing sites is conveniently located close to the camp where, during times of cold temperatures, guests can retreat to the camp to warm up between bear visits.