Activity Overview

Participants are guaranteed an adventurous day full of activities.  Before the day begins, relax at the camp viewing site just after dawn to encounter the first bear of the day, all while your breakfast is being prepared for you in the dining room just 35 meters away. Walk to your favorite viewing site and watch bears and other wildlife before returning to camp for a hot lunch.  After lunch, you can spend your afternoon at one of our four viewing sites or you may opt to remain in camp and wait for a bear to wander into the yard to rub on a tree, just meters away from the deck where you are sitting.

Hike, anyone?
Relinquish some bear time and hike to higher elevation for a spectacular view of the Fishing Branch Valley.

Will I see the Aurora Borealis?
When the sky is clear, there is always the opportunity to see this dazzling natural display of northern lights and, here at the Arctic Circle, they can be magnificent! If you are new to time lapse photography, your guide will be happy to help you with camera settings.

A professional wilderness guide will accompany you during all of your activities and is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.